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Using a Non-production IdP

Follow the instructions below to use the inbuilt Non-production Identity Provider(IdP)/token service to authenticate the APIs that belong to a specific Organization:


  • Use the non-production IdP only for testing purposes.

Step 1 - Get an access token


Make sure that the Helm charts are installed.

  1. Open Postman and create a new request to get the access token using the non-production IdP.
  2. Navigate to the Authorization tab of the request.

    • Grant Type - authorization_code
    • Callback URL-
    • Auth URL -
    • Access Token URL -
    • Client ID - 45f1c5c8-a92e-11ed-afa1-0242ac120002
    • Client Secret - 4fbd62ec-a92e-11ed-afa1-0242ac120002


    Add to your /etc/hosts file.

    After you generate the token you will be redirected to non-production IdP login UI.

  3. Login using the following details.

    • userName - org1user
    • Password - org1user
    • Organization - org1

    You will receive the JWT access token.

Step 2 - Invoke the System API

Use the JWT token that you received in the previous step to invoke the System API.