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Adapter Log Configurations

To configure Adapter logs, update the values.yaml's wso2.apk.dp.adapter.logging section with the following values. Instructions in Customize Configurations will guide you through the process of acquiring the values.yaml file.

    level: "INFO" # LogLevels can be "DEBG", "FATL", "ERRO", "WARN", "INFO", "PANC"
    logFormat: "TEXT" # Values can be "JSON", "TEXT"

For the advanced configurations, the log configurations file for the Adapter is in Config.toml file located in ConfigMap file located in the following file in the APK helm chart.


The sample for Adapter log configurations looks similar to the following.

# The logging configuration for Adapter

## Adapter root Level configurations

logLevel = "INFO"
LogFormat = "TEXT"

MaxSize = 10    # In MegaBytes (MB)
MaxBackups = 3
MaxAge =  2   # In days
Compress = true

## Adapter package Level configurations

name = ""
logLevel = "INFO"

name = ""
logLevel = "INFO"

Adapter root Level configurations

Property Description
logLevel Upto which level the logs should be printed. If this is set under root level, it will be applied through all packages unless specified in package log levels. LogLevels can be "DEBG", "FATL", "ERRO", "WARN", "INFO", "PANC"

Format of the logs printed. Log formats can be "TEXT", "JSON"


JSON format can be used as the formalized log format, which can be used for automated processing of logs.

[rotation].MaxSize MaxSize is the maximum size in megabytes of the log file before it gets rotated. It defaults to 10 megabytes.
[rotation].MaxAge MaxAge is the maximum number of days to retain old log files based on the timestamp encoded in their filename. Note that a day is defined as 24 hours and may not exactly correspond to calendar days due to daylight savings, leap seconds, etc. The default is set as 2 days.
[rotation].MaxBackups MaxBackups is the maximum number of old log files to retain. The default is to retain 3 old log files (though MaxAge may still cause them to get deleted).
[rotation].Compress Compress determines if the rotated log files should be compressed using gzip. The default is not to perform compression.

Adapter package level configurations

Adapter package level configurations can override the root level configurations for the purpose of applying logging rules at package level. Note that LogFormat will not be supported at package level.