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Logging in APK is really important when debugging issues in a short period of time and looking into the underlying details of how each component works. APK provides facilities for getting the logs in various formats (JSON, Plain text), various output methods and various logging levels.

Log Configurations

There are two main configuration files used by APK for the logging purposes.

  • log_config.toml - This will be using for the log configurations related to adapter and router.
  • - This will be using for the log configurations related to enforcer.

Both these files are located in the same ConfigMap file located in the following file in the APK helm chart.


These configurations can be set using the values.yaml file. Instructions in Customize Configurations will guide you through the process of acquiring the values.yaml file. Follow each section to configure the logs for each of the components.

Error Codes in Logs

In addition to these, the adapter and enforcer components have been defined with a set of error codes for each of the components’ error logs, in order to uniquely identify application errors. Following are the error codes ranges for each of the components.

  • Adapter error codes range from 1000 to 4999.
  • Enforcer error codes range from 5000 to 8999.

See Also

Here is a summary of topics that will be covered under this log configurations section.