API Configuration Catalog

This document serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing all the parameters relevant to the apk-conf file within WSO2 APK

Field Type Description
id string UUID of the API
name string Name of the API (1-60 characters, no special characters)
basePath string Base Path of the API (1-256 characters)
version string Version of the API (1-30 characters, no special characters)
type string Type of the API (REST, GraphQL, GRPC)
definitionPath string Endpoint to expose API Definition
defaultVersion boolean Is this the default version of the API
endpointConfigurations object Configuration for different endpoints of the API
operations array Operations supported by the API
apiPolicies object Policies applied to API-level operations
rateLimit object Rate limiting configuration for the API
authentication array Authentication types for the API
additionalProperties array Map of custom properties of the API
corsConfiguration object Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) configuration for the API


Schema Type Description
Authentication object Authentication settings for the API
CORSConfiguration object CORS configuration for the API
APIOperationPolicies object Policies applied to API-level operations
APKOperationPolicy object API Operation Policy
RateLimit object API Rate Limit Details
EndpointConfigurations object Endpoint Configurations
EndpointConfiguration object Endpoint Configuration
Certificate object Certificate information for secure communication
EndpointSecurity object Security configuration for the API endpoint
BasicEndpointSecurity object Basic Authentication security settings for the API endpoint
Resiliency object Endpoint resiliency related configurations of the API
CircuitBreaker object Circuit Breaker configuration for the API endpoint
Timeout object Timeout settings for the API endpoint
RetryPolicy object Retry Policy settings for the API endpoint
APKOperations object API Operation
K8sService object Kubernetes Service information for the API endpoint
InterceptorProperties object Interceptor Parameters
BackendJWTProperties object Backend JWT Parameters
CustomClaims object Custom Claims for JWT authentication
Object Property Type Description
Resiliency timeout Timeout Defines timeout-related configurations.
retryPolicy RetryPolicy Defines retry-related configurations.
circuitBreaker CircuitBreaker Defines circuit breaker-related configurations.
CircuitBreaker maxConnectionPools integer The maximum number of connection pools.
maxConnections integer The maximum number of connections.
maxPendingRequests integer The maximum number of pending requests.
maxRequests integer The maximum number of requests.
maxRetries integer The maximum number of retries.
Timeout downstreamRequestIdleTimeout integer The idle timeout for downstream requests in milliseconds.
upstreamResponseTimeout integer The response timeout for upstream requests in milliseconds.
RetryPolicy count integer The number of retry attempts.
baseIntervalMillis integer The base interval between retry attempts in milliseconds.
statusCodes array of integers An array of HTTP status codes to trigger retries.
APKOperations target string The target of the operation, e.g., "/order/
verb string The HTTP verb of the operation, e.g., "POST".
secured boolean Authentication mode for the resource (true/false).
endpointConfigurations $ref Reference to endpoint configurations.
operationPolicies $ref Reference to operation policies.
rateLimit $ref Reference to rate limiting configuration.
scopes array of strings An array of scope strings.
K8sService name string The name of the Kubernetes service, e.g., "pizzashack-service".
namespace string The Kubernetes namespace where the service is deployed, e.g., "apk-platform".
port integer The port number on which the service is exposed, e.g., 8080.
protocol string The protocol used by the service, e.g., "http".
InterceptorProperties backendUrl string The URL of the backend service.
headersEnabled boolean Specifies whether headers are enabled.
bodyEnabled boolean Specifies whether the request body is enabled.
trailersEnabled boolean Specifies whether trailers are enabled.
contextEnabled boolean Specifies whether context is enabled.
tlsSecretName string The name of the secret containing TLS configuration.
tlsSecretKey string The key within the secret that holds TLS configuration.
BackendJWTProperties encoding string The encoding type.
signingAlgorithm string The signing algorithm.
header string The header.
tokenTTL integer The token time-to-live (TTL) in milliseconds.
customClaims array of CustomClaims An array of custom claims.
CustomClaims claim string The claim name.
value string The claim value.
type string The claim type.


  • The table above represents the JSON schema fields and their descriptions.
  • Additional details about each field and schema can be found in the JSON schema itself.
  • APK Config Language Support Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension can be used to validate the apk-conf file.