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Enhance Configuration with APK Config Language Support

To streamline the configuration process, APK offers the APK Config Language Support Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension. This dynamic extension simplifies customization by offering syntax highlighting, auto-completion, validation and error checking for your APK configuration YAML files.

By incorporating the APK Config Language Support extension, you can enhance your configuration workflow within Visual Studio Code. This extension enables you to take advantage of smart features, which in turn improve the efficiency and precision of your configuration tasks.


  • Syntax Highlighting: The APK Config Language Support extension provides syntax highlighting for your APK configuration YAML files, making different components stand out clearly.

  • Auto-completion: Enjoy the convenience of auto-completion as you work on your APK configuration. The extension suggests properties and values, reducing errors and improving accuracy.

  • Validation and Error Checking: The extension offers validation and error checking for your APK configuration YAML files. This feature helps catch mistakes early, enhancing the quality of your configurations.

  • Create New APK Configuration Files: The extension allows you to generate new APK configuration files using provided templates. This accelerates the process of setting up configurations for new APIs.


  • Visual Studio Code version 1.63.0 or newer.


  1. Launch Visual Studio Code.

  2. Go to the Extensions view by clicking on the square icon in the sidebar or pressing Ctrl+Shift+X.

  3. Search for APK Config Language Support.

  4. Click on the Install button.

  5. The extension will be installed and activated automatically. Please note that this extension relies on the YAML Language Support by Red Hat extension. If the YAML Language Support extension isn't installed, it will be automatically installed as well.

For further information, explore the details on the VS Code Marketplace.