Customize Configurations

To customize configurations in the Helm deployment, you need to create and modify the values.yaml file. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Download values.yaml File:

    To obtain the values.yaml file, you can use the helm show values command. Replace <repository-name> with the actual repository name and <version-of-APK> with the desired version of the APK. Run the following command:

    helm show values wso2apk/apk-helm --version 1.0.0  > values.yaml
    helm show values <repository-name>/apk-helm --version <version-of-APK> > values.yaml
  2. Modify the Configuration:

    Once you have the values.yaml file, you can modify the configuration parameters according to your requirements.

  3. Deploy the APK with Customized Configuration:

    To deploy the APK using the customized configuration, use the helm install command. Replace <chart-name>, <repository-name>, <version-of-APK>, and <path-to-values.yaml-file> with appropriate values. Run the following command:

    helm install apk-test wso2apk/apk-helm --version 1.0.0 -f values.yaml
    helm install <chart-name> <repository-name>/apk-helm --version <version-of-APK> -f <path-to-values.yaml-file>