Create Application and Subscribe

  1. Login to the Developer Portal ( of the WSO2 API Manager.
  2. Click on the Applications tab and then use ADD NEW APPLICATION option.
  3. Provide the information as given below and click Save.

    Application NameSwaggerPetstoreApp
    Per Token Quota10PerMin
    DescriptionPetstore Application

  4. Click Subscriptions to subscribe to the created SwaggerPetstore API.

  5. Click Production Keys or Sandbox Keys based on the environment for which you need to generate keys. Let's assume that you are working in a production environment. Therefore, click Production Keys.
  6. Click Generate Keys to create an application Access Token with relevant scopes.
  7. To verify the Application and Subscription creation in the APK Gateway, execute the following command. You will see the status of the deployed application as follows once completed.

    kubectl get subscriptions -n apk
    kubectl get applications -n apk


The database storage option is offered in APK for deployments with a high number of subscriptions and applications, especially for enterprise use cases. Because, by default, subscription and application-related data are stored as CRs (Custom Resources) in etcd. However, as the number of subscriptions and applications increases, it can lead to overutilization of etcd memory, subsequently degrading the performance of your API gateway. This degradation can impact the deployment, undeployment, and update times ultimately affecting the reliability of applications and subscriptions.

By opting for the database option offered in APK for deployments with high numbers of subscriptions and applications, you can mitigate issues related to etcd storage, such as memory overutilization and performance degradation. This ensures smoother deployment, undeployment, and update processes, ultimately enhancing the reliability of your applications and subscriptions. For further information and assistance, please contact our sales team